Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Schedules (iPhone/Android)


In the schedule tab you can set actions to schedule Cleaning, Max Cleaning, Docking or Stop your Thinking Cleaner. Schedules work on all Roomba 500/600 models, even if they do not have scheduling as a standard option. To avoid confusion, Thinking Cleaner will erase all existing schedules (in your Roomba) and the internal time is synchronized with Thinking Cleaner.

In the app a schedule can be selected for each connected Thinking Cleaner. On the schedule page all schedules of all connected Thinking Cleaners on the same day are shown. Tap another day or swipe through the days to select another weekday.
A schedule can also be programmed as "Clean when i leave". If you leave the selected location within that time the time window, the Roomba will do the selected action (clean, dock, etc.).


Thinking Cleaner Schedules



If you tap the screen and keep your finger pressed a new schedule will be made. You can change the time, select the action and select the unit if you have multiple. To delete the action scroll down and touch delete.

You can set 4 schedules per day per unit and you have a choice between the following actions:

  1. CLEAN
  3. DOCK
  4. STOP

A clean action will start a normal cleaning cycle on your Roomba at the selected time.
Max Clean is meant for larger rooms where Roomba normally doesn't take enough time to clean the whole room. In this cleaning mode Roomba will stay cleaning until the battery charge reaches 20%, then Roomba will go back to its homebase to recharge.
In this mode Roomba will overule a security measure intended to prevent lost Roombas.
(Roomba by default measures driving distance and if no objects are detected for more than 3 times 8 meters, it will stop to avoid getting lost)
Be carefull not to have open doors to the street when Roomba starts a MAX Cleaning cycle.
Roomba will start looking for the dock. You can use this for example if you think your Roomba takes too much time to clean your room. 
The Stop command is especially for buildings with an alarm system that might be triggered by a driving Roomba. You can use this to avoid your Roomba to trigger the alarm. Remember that Roomba will stop and switch off. Tip: schedule a DOCK action at least 30 minutes before a STOP action.

Location based schedule

To enable a location based schedule you can enable the "Clean when i leave" switch. You have to select a location and a active time period. When you leave this chosen location within that time window, the action will start.
Location based schedules are stored on your iOS or Android device only, so if you have multiple devices you will not see location based actions from other phones.


Thinking Cleaner Location based