Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Schedules (web app)


The web-app can be accessed through this link:

In the schedule page you can set actions to automatically start or stop your Thinking Cleaner. Schedules do work on all Roomba 500/600 models, even if they do not have scheduling as a standard option. At installation Thinking Cleaner will erase all current schedules inside the Roomba itself to be clear that the Thinking Cleaner schedules are now used and Roomba's internal time is synchronized with the Thinking Cleaner time. From now on you use the Thinking Cleaner for all scheduling. Do not use the schedule buttons on the Roomba, those schedules wil not work anymore.

Thinking Cleaner Schedules


In the list there is an overview of all days of the week and the events you created.

You can set 4 events per day and you have a choice between four actions:

  1. CLEAN
  3. DOCK
  4. STOP

A clean action will start a cleaning cycle on your Roomba at the selected time.
Max Clean is meant for larger rooms where Roomba normally doesn't take enough time to clean the whole room. In this cleaning mode Roomba will stay cleaning until the battery charge gets below 20%, then Roomba will go back to its homebase to charge.
In this mode Roomba will also restart when it has stopped because of the "large room error". A Roomba measures the distance it is driving and if it takes too long before it bumps into something or a virtual wall is found, it will stop because it thinks that maybe the bumper sensor is broken or it is driving outside.
So be carefull not to have open doors to the street when Roomba starts a MAX Cleaning cycle.
Roomba will start docking. You can use this for example if you think your Roomba takes too much time to clean your room. 
The Stop command is especially for houses or offices with an alarm system that can be triggered by a driving Roomba. So if you want to be sure that your Roomba will not trigger your alarm system, you can use this. But remember that Roomba will stop and switch off, even when it is still cleaning. So you better start a DOCK action at least 30 minutes before a STOP action.
ADD a schedule action

To add a schedule action go to the yellow top bar and select day, time and the action. Then click the green Create button

REMOVE a scheduled action

To remove a schedule action click the grey X on the right of an event in the list.


 If you have an Android Smartphone or an iPhone you can also download the Thinking app to set schedules.