Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Reset Thinking Cleaner

Thinking Cleaner resetThere are three reset options in the Thinking Cleaner.

The reset is done with the SPOT button of the Roomba. You have to be sure that the Roomba is switched on (Clean button must be lit).

  1. RESET ONLY: Keep the SPOT button pressed for more then 10 Thinking Cleaner ledsseconds. The Thinking Cleaner wil show a fast flashing red light. If you release the button, the Thinking Cleaner will be reset only.
  2. WIFI NETWORK RESET: Keep the SPOT button pressed for Thinking Cleaner ledsmore then 20 seconds. The light will start flashing with an orange color. If you release the button the wifi network settings and the name of the Thinking Cleaner are erased and it will reset
  3. FACTORY RESET: (This will erase all settings!) Keep the SPOT button pressed for more then 30 seconds. The Thinking Cleaner light goes off, reset and go back to it's factory settings. All schedules and other settings will be erased, to swich wifi networks you better do 2.

Thinking Cleaner does not respond to the SPOT button:
It can happen that your Roomba is a bit confused. There are several ways to solve this, often a Clean or Dock command from the app or web-app will reestablish communication, if not you can reset Roomba plus Thinking Cleaner by taking out the battery and putting it back. In the latest firmware versions V1.0.84 and higher, there is a restart button in the Options page of the web-app ( which will reset both the Thinking Cleaner and your Roomba.

Emergency restore procedure:
If you follow the instructions below the Thinking Cleaner should go back to the factory settings. You do not have to delete the Thinking Cleaner from the app or from your server account:

  1. Remove the battery from your Roomba
  2. Place Roomba without battery on the dock, Roomba will give a charging error but that is ok. The error is used as trigger for the restore.
  3. After a few seconds the LED on the Thinking Cleaner should start blinking red/green or red only very fast. Please do not touch anything during the blinking.
  4. If the led does not start blinking fast, then take Roomba off the charger and go back to 2) and try again
  5. Roomba will now restart automatically and after new startup the led should be blinking red once per second

Thinking Cleaner is now back in setup mode.