Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Solutions to common problems

Roomba does not start at the scheduled time and does not work when it is on the dock
The latest Roomba 600 models will go to sleep after 1 minute on the dock (new units 2016, manufactured after 2-11-2015). Unfortunately iRobot has disabled the serial communication when Roomba is asleep on the dock. We think this is a bug in iRobots firmware and we hope they will fix this soon. For now choose "600 (2016)" in the web-app options page if you have a new model and Thinking Cleaner will keep your Roomba awake to start anytime you want. This will also fix the Roomba bug which makes Roomba tick (click sound from the speaker) a few times per hour when it is on the dock. The web-app can be found with this link: ( You do need one of the latest firmware versions available, V1.0.93 or newer.
For Roomba 700 and 800 models we also have a special setting in the options page of the web-app.

Thinking Cleaner is connected to wifi but the app and webapp show 0% battery and no Roomba status:
It can happen that your Roomba is a bit confused. There are several ways to solve this, often a Clean or Dock command from the app or web-app will reestablish communication, if not you can reset Roomba plus Thinking Cleaner by taking out the battery and putting it back. In the latest firmware versions V1.0.84 and higher, there is a restart button in the Options page of the web-app ( which will reset both the Thinking Cleaner and your Roomba.

Thinking Cleaner does not update automatically:
In the Options page of the web-app ( there is a setting for "Automatic Update", please check if this setting is set to ON. When there is an update available it will only start when Roomba is on its homebase for at least 10 minutes. If your unit still has an older firmware and you would like to get the latest version, then please contact us at

Thinking Cleaner (US version) setup does not show my wifi network:
Thinking Cleaner is compatible with most wifi routers on the market. Please check if your wifi network is using channel 12 or 13. The US version of Thinking Cleaner does not support channel 12 and 13 because in some countries these channels are not allowed (e.g. USA). Your wifi router should use channel 1 to 11, we advise to use only channel 1,6 or 11.

Thinking Cleaner does not connect to my wifi network:
Thinking Cleaner is compatible with most wifi routers on the market. We have found that some routers will only work correctly with Thinking Cleaner when the wifi security setting is set to WPA2. For example the Arcadyan routers (used by KPN as Experia Box v8) should be set to "WPA2 Only" and "PSK". To do that you will have to go to the settings menu of your router.

Thinking Cleaner does not reset when i press the spot button
If the led does not start to flash red after 10 seconds, Thinking Cleaner has lost communication with Roomba. In this case it may be neccesary to remove the battery from your Roomba for a few seconds. If you still have contact with the Thinking Cleaner you may also push a direct drive button, The communication will normally be restored after that.

Why is Roombas vacuum off during manual drive?
Default vacuuming is off for driving, but it can be switched on in the web-app. See The reason it is normally off is because the vacuum motor of Roomba creates a lot of interference which can decrease wifi range. So if you switch it on and you find out that the Thinking Cleaner is not responsive, it will be because of the vacuum motor.

Thinking Cleaner responds slow when i'm not in local wifi
The Thinking Cleaner app on your iPhone or Android phone has two modes. In one mode the phone is connected to the same wifi as Thinking Cleaner and in the other mode the phone is connected to another network and then it will communicate via the Thinkingsync server. In this last mode the Thinking Cleaner will be slow to respond to the commands you send. This is because Thinking Cleaner makes the contact with the server once per minute and then gets qued command(s). So it may take up to one minute for Thinking Cleaner to respond when you press the Clean button in the app. The reason for this is safety, it is not possible to send any commands to the Thinking Cleaner when you are not connected to the local wifi. The only way is to use the server.

Roomba has not been charged for some time, Thinking Cleaner will blink red and is not working
When the battery charge of your Roomba gets below 10% and Roomba is not working and charging, Thinking Cleaner will enter a battery safe mode. In this mode Thinking Cleaner uses mucht less power and the battery will last longer. To get the Thinking Cleaner working again connect Roomba to the charger or place it on the homebase.

Roomba does not want to charge anymore, Roomba's battery has been discharged totally.
When the battery charge of your Roomba is too low Roomba will sometimes not start charging automatically. To force Roomba to start charging keep the CLEAN button pressed while placing it on the charger. The CLEAN led will blink fast and this means Roomba is restoring your battery. This can take up to 16 hours, so keep Roomba on the charger until the battery is charged.

Where are schedules saved?
The thinking cleaner unit on the Roomba holds the master repository of all schedules. This is because the unit in itself always needs to know about the schedule even if it is not connected to Wi-Fi, all modifications changes and additions will be posted on this unit as the main database. The easiest way to check the main database status is by monitoring your schedule on the Roomba using the web browser looking into this schedules tab. (you can always find your devices by going to this URL The iOS and android apps on multiple devices in its turn will always read the schedule from the thinking cleaner and will write modifications to it. If you are outside your home Wi-Fi network the modifications will be posted on the server and a thinking cleaner module will check every minute for updates and update its database accordingly. Because we cannot read existing schedules previously programmed in your Roomba by using the knobs on the unit itself, we erase all existing schedules in the unit when you insert the thinking cleaner faceplate and we only use the schedules in the thinking cleaner module.

Why does my Roomba start at a different time then was set in schedules
Normally the Thinking Cleaner will get the timezone from your device at setup, but if you use the web-based setup then you will have to set this manually. We also have seen cases where the timezone was not set automatically. You can select your timezone manually in the web-app ( and then go to the options page.