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Privacy and Thinking Cleaner

Privacy statement

How Thinking Bits B.V. looks after your personal data

Thinking Bits is committed to protecting the privacy of its website visitors. This Privacy Statement explains how the collection and use of data at Thinking Bits websites works. This statement does not apply to any other online or offline websites that mention Thinking Bits but the content of which cannot be influenced directly by Thinking Bits. If you access Thinking Bits websites you agree with the collection and the use of data as described in this Privacy Statement.

Thinking Cleaner server connection:
Due to Network Address Translation (NAT) in most internet routers and modems, the Thinking Cleaner module is not directly accessible from outside your local Wifi network. To enable worldwide connection, Thinking Cleaner will make periodic outbound contact with the ThinkingSync server over your internet connection. Every minute it will check-in on this Thinking Sync server for any new messages. Any command given while outside the home network will be send to the Thinking Sync server and queued for your Thinking Cleaner module to be fetched the next periodic check-in. Once checked-in the Thinking Cleaner module will retrieve the message and execute it. There is no way to send information to Thinking Cleaner directly if you are not in local Wifi range. If you don’t want to relay commands over our free Thinking Sync server you can simply skip the registration step during setup, or login to the Thinking Sync server and remove your device if you decide to do so in a later stage. If your module is not registered in the Thinking Sync service it is NOT POSSIBLE to modify settings or start the device outbound your home wifi network.

ThinkingSync Server logs:
If you log in to your account on, you will be able to see all the logging that is done by the server. If a problem arises, logs are be very important for us to find and fix the problem. Logs will be kept for 2 months and after that the data will be anominized and used for enhancing the Thinking Cleaner user experience. The server has a secure HTTPS connection and users will not be able to see logs from other users.

iPhone and Android Apps
Both Cleaner apps use a HTTPS connection with the server.

The Use of Personal Data
The data collected by the Thinking Cleaner and the thinkingsync server website is only used to perform services to you or carry out transactions which you asked for. 

Collecting your personal data
We will ask you for personal details if we need these or your permission to contact you to perform a service to you, to send you the information you asked for, such as our newsletter. The following personal data can be collected: your name, the name of your company or organisation, your email address, your telephone number and your home address./p>

Personal details that have been collected on these websites can be stored and processed in the Netherlands or in any other country both within and outside the European Union. By visiting these websites, you agree with the data transfer outside your country of origin and/or outside the European Union.

Managing your Personal Data
Unless otherwise stated in this Statement, personal details provided by you on these websites are not shared with anyone outside Thinking Bits or with separate organisations and departments of Thinking Bits without your permission. As the following section describes, you can access your personal details and you can choose your communication preferences.

If the necessity arises, Thinking Bits is allowed to send you email messages informing you about technical services or security issues with respect to the websites, or asking you to confirm that you have indeed requested information or a contact moment. For some services that are offered by these websites, contacting the visitor is an essential aspect of the service. Because these messages form an essential part of the service(s) that you have requested yourself, you cannot ask us not to contact you in that particular case.

Access to your Personal Data
You can look at and change your personal details and communication preferences that you have given us on these websites by logging on with your email address and password. You will always be asked for your email address and password before you can access your personal details.

The Security of your Personal Data
Thinking Bits is committed to protecting the security of all your personal details. In order to ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to your details and can not use this information unlawfully, these websites make use of various security technologies and procedures. For example, the personal information provided by you is saved on servers with limited access. These servers are kept in high-security buildings. Moreover, private and confidential information is protected when it is sent via the internet by encryption, such as the SSL-protocol (Secure Socket Layer).

Cookies are used on these websites to guarantee the integrity of the registration or log on procedure and to make the websites more personal. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard disk by a web page server. Cookies cannot be used to perform an application or to place viruses on your computer. Cookies are unique for each user and can only be read by a server in the domain that has sent the cookie to you./p>

The most important purpose of cookies is to save time and effort. For example, if you adjust a web page to your personal preferences or if you are navigating on a website, the chosen options and preferences are remembered for future use thanks to cookies. This makes supplying relevant data easier, it makes navigating faster, and so on. When you visit these websites again the previously recorded information can be collected by the cookies allowing you to simply use the options of the websites again the way you have selected them.

Contact Details
Thinking Bits values your comments with respect to this Privacy Statement. If you are of the opinion that this Privacy Statement is not adhered to by Thinking Bits please inform Thinking Bits web editors about this at