Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Options (iPhone and Android apps)

Thinking Cleaner options


The options page shows the list of your Thinking Cleaner(s) and a list of Thinking Cleaners connected to the same wifi network, if any. Additionaly you can set your account settings here.

This list shows your Thinking Cleaners that are added to the app. If you tap a device a page will show with settings for this specific device. See below at "Device settings".

This list shows active devices in the same wifi network as your phone/tablet but not added to your account. To add a device tap it. You can only add a unit not already added to someone elses account.

To connect to your Thinking Cleaner when you are not at home without modifying your home network settings, you need a (free) account on Thinkingsync server. Thinking Cleaner will periodically contact the server and check for updates. Maximum delay is approximately 1 minute. You can log in or sign up here.
For push notifications on your smartphone you need an account. Without an account you can only use the app when your are connected to the same wifi network as your Thinking Cleaner.
Firmware updates are only possible when logged in to your account.

Thinking Cleaner options

Device info
- Last cleaning took: The time Roomba has been cleaning without being picked up
- Total cleaning time: Total cleaning time with the Thinking Cleaner installed on Roomba
- Total distance: Total distance Roomba has travelled since the Thinking Cleaner was installed
- Battery condition: Roomba checks the health of the battery, but the percentage shown is only correct when the battery has been emtyand fully charged afterwards
- Firmware version: Software version of this unit, software can be updated over the air
- IP Address: Thinking Cleaners local IP-address in your WiFi network

Delete device : Click to delete this Thinking Cleaner from your App.