Thinking Cleaner User manual

Options (Web app)


The web-app can be accessed through this link:

In the options page you can view and set some settings and connect/disconnect with the Thinkingsync server.

Thinking Cleaner options


Name: The name you gave your Thinking Cleaner during setup. In the box you can type a new name. Click the rename button to restart the unit so it can change its name. Remember that the bonjour name will also change. It will take about 50 seconds after clicking the button, then your Thinking Cleaner will have new name.
IP address: The IP address your Wifi network has assigned to the Thinking Cleaner
MAC address: This is the MAC address of the Wifi radio inside the Thinking Cleaner
Firmware version: Software version of this unit, software can be updated over the air
Bin status: If the Roomba has been cleaning more than 90 up to 120 minutes and has not been picked up, a message will appear to empty the bin.
Last cleaning took: The time Roomba has been cleeaning without being picked up
Total cleaning time: Total cleaning time with the Thinking Cleaner installed on Roomba
Total distance: Total distance Roomba has travelled since the Thinking Cleaner was installed
Dirt detected: The number of times that the Roomba has detected dirt. The Bin status message uses this to calculate the time for a bin warning
Battery condition: Roomba checks the health of the battery, but the percentage shown is only correct when the battery has been empty and fully charged afterwards

Settings   (If you change a setting here it will be saved automatically)

Roomba series: 500/Pro/600/700 or 800

Select your Roomba model series here. There are a few differences between the models and Thinking Cleaner will have a different behaviour depending on the selected model. For example a Roomba 625 pro does not have a dock button and the Roomba 800 series will go into sleep after one minute on the homebase.

Clean delay time: Clean delay is the time before Roomba starts after a delayed start (iPhone and Android app option only). You can select 30 minutes up to 240 minutes (=4 hours) delay.

Start docking at: xx % charge

Roomba will start to look for its docking station below this set battery value. If your Roomba often does not reach its dock then increase this value.

Stop Roomba below: xx % charge

To save Roombas battery it will stop cleaning below this setting.

Drive vacuum: The vacuum motor is normally off in remote drive. Here you can switch it on if you like. The reason for this switch is that wifi reception is better with this vacuum motor off.

Auto Docking: If Roomba is in front of a homebase but not on the homebase, Thinking Cleaner will redirect Roomba to its homebase automatically. This is to keep Roomba charged. Because the Thinking Cleaner also takes a bit of current from the Roomba battery, it will be empty sooner then without Thinking Cleaner.

Restart charged: ON/OFF

When you use the MAX Clean command you can choose for an automatic second start after Roomba is fully charged. This way rooms up to 150m2 can be kept clean. You will have to place several docking stations and you should set "Start docking at" to 25%.

Automatic update: Automatic update can be switched off. Beware, the module will keep it's current firmware and will not be updated if this is OFF. We do not advise to switch this off.

Timezone: Here you can set the timezone you're in. Thinking Cleaner uses this time for schedules.

Current time: The current time Thinking Cleaner is using for schedules.

Restart button (red)   (No need to restart when you changed a setting, except for the name.)

Restart button: When you press this button, Thinking Cleaner will restart and also your Roomba will reset.


How does this work?Thinking Cleaner server setup
The thinkingsync server makes it possible for you to connect to your Thinking Cleaner even when you are not at home without having to set anything special in your home wifi system. The Thinking Cleaner wil contact the server every minute and check if there are requests for starting or other things. As soon as a command was sent through the server the time is reduced to 10 seconds for faster response. 

Server account?
If you want push notifications on your smartphone or send commands to your Thinking Cleaner when you are out of your home, then you have to make an account. Without an account you will only be able to 

On the right side the black window shows the Thinkingsync server settings. If you do not have an account yet on the Thinkingsync server you can make one by clicking on the link. If you also have the iPhone or Android app you can do this in one step in the app. When you have an account you can fill in your name and password to connect this Thinking Cleaner to your account on the server.

 When the Thinking Cleaner has made a connection the following message will be shown. To disconnect from the server, click the logout button.

Thinking Cleaner server

Advanced features
Thinking Cleaner supports a webhook. This option is for advanced users only. The webhook address will get status changes of the Thinking Cleaner. This option is in firmware V1.0.84 and higher. More info on the webhook is in the Thinking Cleaner API doc.

Advanced Thinking Cleaner server