Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Notifications (iPhone and Android apps)

Thinking Cleaner options


Here you can switch on or off all push notifications of the Thinking Cleaner.

Start: When the Thinking Cleaner starts a cleaning cycle

Stop: When the Thinking Cleaner stops during a cleaning cycle or is finished cleaning

Dock: When the Thinking Cleaner returns to the dock to charge

Battery: When Roomba is not cleaning and not charging, then a warning message will be sent every hour to remember you to place Roomba on its homebase to charge. When the battery charge becomes lower than 10% Thinking Cleaner will enter a battery safe mode and wifi will be shut off. As soon as the Roomba is back on its homebase Thinking Cleaner will reconnect the wifi connection automatically.

Error: When Roomba stops during cleaning because of an error situation

Check bin: The bin has not been cleaned for some time


Email notifications
Here you can choose to have all notifications also sent as an email.