Thinking Cleaner API

IFTTT setup

IFTTT (using Maker channel)

IFTTT has a channel called 'Maker' that you can use to call webservices. We have made it easier to call the Thinking Sync webservice and send a command to your Thinking Cleaner.

In this example we are going to make a recipe that uses Google calendar to schedule your Thinking Cleaner. With this recipe, your Thinking Cleaner will start within 15 min of the start of an event that is called 'start cleaning'.

What you need for this example:
• An account on Your device has to be registered at the server.
• An IFTTT account (
• You can use any of the other triggers available, but if you want to follow this example, you need a Google calendar account.

We have made the integration with IFTTT easier by publishing the data you need on To see this data, login on and go to the settings page. Click on the orange ’Show 3rd party integration' button.

Follow the steps on the IFTTT app or website:

• Click on 'Create a Recipe'
• Click on the blue ’this’
• Search for 'Google Calendar'
• Click on 'Google Calendar' (If this channel is not connected yet, you can connect it now)
• Click on 'Event from search starts'
• In 'Keyword or phrase' fill in the text 'start thinking cleaner'
• Click on 'that'
• Search for 'Maker'
• Click on 'Maker' (If not connected yet, now click on 'connect')
• Select 'Make a web request'
• From the Thinking Cleaner site in settings, copy the 'Query url' text and paste it in the URL box
• For method select 'POST'
• For Content Type select 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'
• From the Thinking Cleaner site in settings, copy the 'clean' text value for your device, and past it in the 'Body' box.

• Click on 'Create action'
• (optionally change the title text)
• Click on 'Create Recipe'

Please be carefull not to share your recipe, as it contains your private authentication token !