Thinking Cleaner

Dashboard (iPhone/Android app)

Thinking Cleaner options


The dashboard is the main screen of the app, it contains the buttons to remotely control your Roomba. The dashboard also shows the current state of your Roomba.

Remote control resembles the controls on your Roomba but it's even smarter. For example the app automatically wakes the roomba when needed to make your user experience better.

CLEAN Button:
The Clean button is similar to the Clean button on your Roomba with a little extra. Keep the button pressed and you will get two additional options, delayed start and max clean. More details below. 

DOCK Button:
The Dock button triggers roomba to start looking for it's homebase.

SPOT The Spot button Triggers roomba to clean at roomba's current location

DIRECT DRIVE Buttons With the buttons in the outer ring you can steer your Roomba directly.

Find Me Button (Music note symbol) Click this button to start a short song on the Roomba to be able to locate it.

Extended dashboard:
To open the extended dashboard, keep the CLEAN button pressed. 

Thinking Cleaner extended dashboard

DELAYED START (left button): Roomba will start after 30 up to 240 minutes

CLEAN (middle button): is the same as the normal CLEAN button

MAX CLEAN (right button): A new screen will appear