Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Dashboard (web app version)


The web-app can be accessed through this link:

The dashboard is the main screen you can use to give commands to your Thinking Cleaner and see basic Roomba status.


In the top of the screen on the right side there are two other pages you can go to, Schedule and Options.

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On the left side there is a remote control which resembles a bit to the controls on your Roomba.

CLEAN Button:
The Clean button does the same as the Clean button on your Roomba and a bit more. On the Roomba the Clean button will wake the Roomba if it is in sleep mode, so you have to press the button twice. The Thinking Cleaner will first wake Roomba and then automatically start Cleaning. 

DOCK Button:
The Dock button also wakes the Roomba if needed and then Roomba will start Docking. If Roomba is cleaning while you press dock, Roomba will be stopped and starts docking after that.

SPOT The Spot button does the same as the Spot button on your Roomba.

DIRECT DRIVE Buttons With the buttons in the outer ring you can steer your Roomba directly.

MAX and DELAYED Buttons In the newer firmware releases there are also two buttons below the circle. Max will start Roomba in the MAX Clean mode. In this mode Roomba will use maximum battery for a Clean cycle. The delayed Clean will start Roomba after the selected delay. You can set this delay in the options page of the web-app.



On the right side a black window shows the current state of your Roomba.

  • The first line shows if Roomba is charging, cleaning, docking, etc.
  • Battery status is shown in 0 to 100%. This is the currect battery charge and is up to date when Roomba is awake or charging.
  • Next activity shows the next scheduled activity
  • Find Thinking Cleaner. This is a button you can press when you want to loacte your Roomba. it will start playing a short song.