Thinking Cleaner Users manual

Installation instructions


We have several installation videos available, see Videos

Installation is very easy. Just follow the instructions inside the box.

  1. Remove the dust-bin from your Roomba.
  2. Attach new Thinking Cleaner faceplate

  3. Remove the original roomba faceplate.
    Start at the curved slot by pressing up the edge with both tumbs just below the small holes in the faceplate.
    Attach new Thinking Cleaner faceplate

    Continue lifting the faceplate from here, press firm but slowly until you hear "cracking" sounds (don't worry this is normal) and the faceplate comes off.
    faceplate removal

  4. ATTENTION: keep the original faceplate and store it in case of a problem. Always replace the original faceplate before shipping your Roomba to a repair service.

  5. Take the new Thinking Cleaner out of the box and put it on top of your Roomba.
    Attach new Thinking Cleaner faceplate

  6. Align the top and bottom gaps and press the edges of the faceplate down in a circular movement. Don't forget to press the inner circle of the faceplate. Your roomba will wake, Thinking Cleaner starts flashing and a beep will sound to indicate a succesfull installation.

  7. Attach new Thinking Cleaner faceplate

Prepare your device of choice:

Android users: Download the Thinking Cleaner app from the Google play store (Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwitch (API level 14) or newer).

iPhone/iPad users: Download the iPhone version of the app from the Apple App Store (iOS 7 or higher needed). There is no special iPad version yet.

Windows Phone 7 and 8: You can setup Thinking Cleaner by using your standard browser.

On a Computer:  You can setup Thinking Cleaner by using your standard browser.

Now first connect to your Thinking Cleaner

The first time Thinking Cleaners indicator will start flashing red once per second. Thinking Cleaner is now in setup mode. In this mode it creates it's own wifi network to enable the setup of Thinking Cleaner for your local (2.4GHz) wifi network.

Android users: The Android app will automatically connect to an unconfigured Thinking Cleaner so now start the app, onscreen instructions will follow soon.

iPhone/iPad users: First connect with the "thinkingxxx" wifi network (where xxx is a unique code) in your iPhone. Now start the app and follow the installation steps.

Other systems: First connect with the "thinkingxxx" wifi network (where xxx is a unique code). Then use a browser and type "http://thinking.local" or type the IP adress and you will open the setup page. Follow the onscreen instructions.
There is also an setup video available: see Setup

Benefits of using the app over the webinterface

For ease of use we recommend using the app, some features like location awareness are not available through the web interface

iPhone and Android app 
With this app you can connect to your Thinking Cleaner anywhere you are. The app makes a difference between wifi and remote contact. When you are connected to the same wifi network you will have direct control of your Thinking Cleaner. When you are not connected to the same wifi network, communication is done though the Thinkingsync server and the functions are limited because of remote access.
The app can control several Thinkg Cleaners, just swipe between the different Thinking Cleaners and you can control them. The app also supports location based cleaning. So when you leave your home location (more then 500 meters), the Thinking Cleaner will start automatically. 

  1. Dashboard: iPhone/Android 
  2. Schedule: iPhone/Android
  3. Notifications: iPhone/Android
  4. Settings: iPhone/Android

Web app (  
The web app is a website inside the Thinking Cleaner and is available only when you are connected to the same (local) wifi network. The web app makes it possible to connect to your Thinking Cleaner from any browser on your computer or smartphone.
When your system supports bonjour the Thinking Cleaner can be accessed by typing http://name.local but then instead of "name" type the name you gave your Thinking Cleaner.
On systems without bonjour (e.g. Windows, Linux, ..) you can use the page and click on the name of your Thinking Cleaner to connect. Now you can bookmark the link for future access.

  1. Dashboard: Dashboard Webpages
  2. Schedule:  Schedule Webpages
  3. Notifications:  Notifications Webpages
  4. Settings:  Options Webpages