Thinking Cleaner firmware versions

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V1.0.107 beta (03-04-2017)
If you think your Thinking Cleaner has multiple identities then we have a fix, please mail us for this beta version. - Fix for multiple UUID problem (use ..../command.json?command=RandomMACaddrON or OFF)
+ To get new random UUID use ..../command.json?command=RandomMACaddrErase
+ Works automatically with mac address ending with 7C 55 - Added autoreset at 03:30 for units with wifi problems. (use ..../command.json?command=AutoresetON or OFF)
- Short extra delay after docking for "start cleaning" message

V1.0.106 (19-1-2017)
- Web-app was getting an error because of a file that did not exist
- Web-app speed slider for Create 2 dashboard has been fixed
- Fix for push notifications. Push notifications for a bad battery would give multiple push notifications
- Fix for error push notifications. Some push notifications were not always activated in V1.0.105
Known issues
- Song programming in web-app is not always working in all browsers. Chrome seems to work fine.

V1.0.105 (16-12-2016)
- Changed trigger of Cleaning started push notfication
- Fix for multiple push notifications
- Works also with older Roombas

V1.0.103 (20-7-2016)

- Added "Keep awake" setting in web-app to keep Roombas with new firmware awake"

V1.0.102 (4-7-2016)

- Changes some push notification"

V1.0.100 (1-7-2016)

- Added new wake from deep sleep to wake up Roombas with new iRobot firmware"
Known issues
- Is not working ok on older Roombas

V1.0.92 (12-4-2016)

- Added holiday mode for schedules in web-app
- Added setting for new Roomba 600 with deep sleep

V1.0.89 (26-1-2016)

- Added Roomba Create 2 setting and web-app home page
- Changed Spot button reset, if longer then 35 sec. pressed then no action

V1.0.88 (21-9-2015)

- Fixed wifi lost bug

V1.0.87 (2-9-2015)

- Added time zone in Full_status.json

V1.0.82 (4-6-2015)

- Added Roomba 800 setting in web-app

V1.0.81 (20-5-2015)

- MaxClean bug fixed
- added webhook
- MaxClean bug fixed
- added Dock_at en Stop_at

V1.0.69 (6-1-2015)

- Added startup delay in bootloader"

V1.0.65 (14-12-2014)

- First factory version release"

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